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Summer Aromatherapy!

sunSun Protection Cream and a good Insect Repellant are my “must have” aromatherapy products for the summer. I would like to share with you a couple of my favorite recipes.     Shea Dream Sun Protection Cream- Makes 8oz.  Mix together the following ingredients, over low heat in a double boiler: 1 cup of raw Shea Butter (Vitellaria para...
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All About Arnica

arnicaArnica (Arnica montana) grows in high mountain regions of Northern Europe, Siberia and is also cultivated in North America. The German folk name for arnica means “mountain of well-being.”  Arnica montana is from the Asteraceae/Compositae family. The Arnica montana plant grows one to two feet in height with vibrant flowers similar to daisi...
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All About Hydrosols

hydrosol lavenderHydrosols are the aromatic waters created as a co-distillation during the steam distillation of essential oils or a stand alone product. Also commonly referred to as hydrolates, floral waters and plant waters. Hydrosols are not just aromatic waters of flowers. The hydro-distillation of plant matter such as roots, bark, needles, leaves, fruit s...
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Aromatherapy Applications

nasal inhalerOne of the amazing qualities of aromatherapy as a natural healing modality is the variety of applications that can be utilized. Application methods of essential oils can include: inhalation, diffusing, bathing, compress, massage, scrubs, lotions, and salves. These options allow you to choose the application method(s) that best suit you or your clie...
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Winter is Here, it's all about the Aromatherapy Bath!

waterWinter in the Northern Hemisphere has begun! In the five elements, this season is associated with the WATER element, the perfect time for inward reflection, rest and restoration. The associated organs of the Water element are the Kidneys/Adrenals and Bladder. The kidneys store the Essence or Jing, the genetic foundation of an individual. They ...
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Body Care Tips for the Winter Season

mntsBody care tips for the winter season:Drink plenty of room temperature water, no iced beverages.Add extra oil to your daily diet like Flaxseed Oil.Keep your body warm and covered when in the wind and cold.Get adequate rest and sleep.      Body Exfoliation:Dry brushing daily before a bath or shower.Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow.R...
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Winter Skin Care

skincare routine for your age1 thumbWinter is the season for the Water Element a time for inward reflection, rest and restoration. It is also the most difficult season to keep the skin supple and nourished. Natural skin care can nourish, soothe, and correct any imbalance the skin's pH. Look radiant, youthful and enjoy a natural healthy glow.   Thank you to our clinical aromather...
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Essential Oil of Rhododendron

Rhododendron - Rhododendron anthopogonrhodadenrun

Region of Harvest: Nepal

Part of plant used for distillation: Flowers

Main chemical components from the aerial parts of the plant: monoterpenes; alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, limonene and the sesquiterpene; delta-cadinene.

Benefits: Lightening for the heart and sprit. Warm, cheery, comforting, and nurturing. It is useful as a decongestion, excellent to strengthen the immune system, and helps to restore the adrenals during times of stress and fatigue.

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